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Nevada Woman Arrested After Being Reportedly Assaulted By Marshal As Judge Ignores Her Pleas

This is why video cameras are needed in all courts.   This Judge Doninger should be fired. Read more: Jonathan Turley Advertisements

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Stop the Silence Race a Success in Creating Awareness of Abuse

The 8k race was held on April 23, 2011 to raise awareness of child sexual abuse in America.  The race was put on by Stop the Silence. Dr. Pamela Pine, the organization’s founder and chief executive officer, says one out of … Continue reading

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Arlington Texas police encourage child sexual assault victims to report crimes; offer tips for parents

Arlington police encourage parents to begin a discussion now with their children about being touched inappropriately. Experts note that child molestations more frequently involve a trusted friend, relative or professional acquaintance, rather than a stranger. Pedophiles groom,” Ashmead said. “Maybe … Continue reading

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Man accused of having eight children with step-daughter

A man is to appear in a German court on sexual assault and child abuse charges next week after being accused of conceiving eight children with his step-daughter. A spokesman for the court in Koblenz confirmed that the man would … Continue reading

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