United Nations Call to Action


Quick action needed by August 1, 2015

 California Protective Parents Association is working with Cindy Dumas and her new organization, The Women’s Coalition, on making a claim (petition) to the United Nations regarding women’s rights that are being routinely violated, causing them to lose and/or not be able to protect their children.

Just fill out a brief, user-friendly form which takes about 15 minutes.

 1. Go to http://bit.ly/1OyrLI1
2. You will see the UN Petition.
3. Click on the middle top arrow “Download”, located just above the document.
4. You will see the Word document titled UN Petition at the bottom of the page.
5. Click on the UN Petition Word document.
6. Enter your information into the text boxes. (The first 2 pages are required.)
7. Save the completed Word document to your computer.
8. Attach and email the form to TheWomensCoalitionPAC@gmail.com

If you don’t want to fill out the form, you can just submit your name to The Women’s Coalition to be on a master list of women who’ve not been allowed to keep or protect their children

The claim will be made on August 1st, so please try to get it in before then. We will continue to collect cases after that date and send them in a later submission.

If you are on Facebook, there is an event with more info: https://www.facebook.com/events/1457769387857620/1458047781163114/

 Thank you for your activism!

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The end of an era of misery caused by Judge Esther Wiggins.

Arlington Resident News

Judge Esther Wiggins of Arlington Family Court Judge Esther Wiggins of Arlington Family Court

None too soon….If you hear a collective sigh of relief among Arlington’s parents and children, there is good reason for it…

After years of complaints by parents and children to the folks in Richmond, Judge Esther Wiggins informed members of the delegation that she would not seek election by the General Assembly to a new six-year term in 2016.  

The county’s legislative delegation will work in tandem with the judicial-selection committee of the Arlington County Bar. The process “will begin soon,” said Del. Patrick Hope (D-47th), with members of the Arlington Bar having the chance to vote on the qualifications of prospective candidates.

“That process should be complete by the end of October or thereabouts,” Hope said. “Then, the Arlington and Falls Church delegation will conduct our own judicial interviews of the candidates.”

The delegation is likely to put forward a single…

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Martin County Judge Places Daughter with sex offender dad

wptv Mom_fights_sex_offender_ex_husband_for_c_2980570000_18701690_ver1_1432335465727_18700885_ver1.0_640_480

A 7-year-old girl is living with her father who is a registered sex offender, despite the mother’s battle to get her daughter back.

Karla is from Brazil. She says she did not realize her then husband was a registered sex offender until after they were married and she was pregnant.  Karla ran off with her daughter to Texas after she says her daughter complained about being abused.

According to a Department of Children and Families report from 2010 obtained by WPTV, “the child has made statements indicating that her father has molested her.”

The report says the investigation was closed with “verified findings of sexual abuse.”

The father was never charged.

After nearly three years on the run, Karla was arrested and the father was given custody. Karla’s been fighting since to regain custody but says a lack of money kept her from getting good legal representation.

The mother says she is only allowed to see her daughter for a few hours under supervision on Saturdays.

“You can’t imagine the pain, but every time the pain hurts me really hard I have to close my eyes and see my daughter’s smile,” the mother Karla said.

Martin County Judge Laurie Buchanan called the allegations “very serious” in court, but did not make a decision on Friday because the father’s attorney said he wasn’t given all discovery in the case.

Another hearing is set for the end of July.

Read More: Sex Offender Gets Custody of Martin County Child

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Washington DC is 14th In US Sex Trafficking

Sex trafficking is a $10 billion business with statistics showing that the average age of a young person when they’re first trafficked is just 13 years old.   

The FBI lists DC as the 14th busiest city for sex trafficking in the country.

Read How FAIR Girls is trying to undo the damage it is causing.

Sex trafficking survivors open up for FAIR Girls

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DC Victimizes and Convicts the Child Victim of Sexual Assault, Not the Perpetrator

Washington DC is known to have its priorities backwards, and for being a cesspool of child sexual abuse.  This case takes the cakes.

An 11 year old child is raped in her own neighborhood, nothing is done.

She is raped a second time, and the authorities don’t believe her and charge her with filing a false report.   After her family agreed to what her parents say was a poorly understood plea, she was convicted and made a ward of the court. She spent the next few years in and out of detention and secure treatment centers between episodes of running away. She never finished high school, had a baby at 15 and is struggling to move forward with her life.

“After 11, she lost the rest of her childhood,” said her mother, who campaigned for years with her husband, Mayo, to get the police to focus on the assaults, contacting officers all the way up the chain to D.C. Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier and her deputy, Peter Newsham.

She and her parents have spent years urging the police to charge the suspects and seeking an explanation for the way the criminal justice system treated an already disturbed young girl who was sexually assaulted.

To this date, the DC police have not charged anyone with the rapes.

Read more: Washington Post

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Sexual Abuse Right Under Their Noses, But At Least They Now Recognize Their Error

Police and social services made “many errors” and failed to stop the sexual abuse of young girls in Oxfordshire, UK a serious case review has found. Up to 370 girls may have been the victims of child sexual exploitation (CSE) across the county over the past 15 years. It comes after a gang of men were jailed in 2013 for abusing six girls in Oxford between 2004 and 2012. Some of the key findings of the report by the Oxfordshire Safeguarding Children Board (OSCB):

  • There a “worrying lack of curiosity” about what was happening to the girls.
  • It said the issue of child sexual exploitation was not widely understood and officials failed to notice the signs of the abuse over a number of years.
  • Some of the girls were abused using objects such as knives and baseball bats while others were bitten, scratched, beaten or burnt.
  • The report said much of the extreme abuse was not escalated to senior managers but should have been.
  • “Could CSE have been identified or prevented earlier?”  “The simple answer is yes.”
  • The cases were seen in isolation, meant it continued for longer than could have been the case.
  • The report revealed that a view had developed among staff that victims, who were often seen to be from difficult families, were bringing problems on themselves.
  • They were described as “precocious” and “very difficult girls making bad choices”, who had decided to adopt a certain lifestyle and were exaggerating their claims.
  • Staff in turn allegedly treated victims without common courtesies and subjected them to “snide remarks”.
  • One girl said social services “washed their hands” of her, telling her her behaviour was “her choice”.
  • Another recounted how she arrived at a police station at in the early hours of the morning, “blood all over me, soaked through my trousers”.
  • She said: “They dismissed it as me being naughty, a nuisance. I was bruised and bloody.”
  • The language used by professionals indicated they saw the girls as the cause of their extreme behaviour instead of as victims and they received much less sympathy as a result, the report said.
  • “The child victims and their families feel very let down,” wrote Dr Bedford. “Their accounts of how they perceived professional work are disturbing and chastening.”
  • Despite the ages of the victims, a tolerance to young teenagers having sex with adults appears to have formed among professionals.
  • This was in part due to a lack of understanding around consent laws and an acceptance that nationally, children are being sexualised at a young age and can acquire contraception long before they are legally able to have sex.
  • This confusion, combined with judgements being made about the victims and their families, detracted from what was being done to the girls, the report said.
  • “The reluctance in many places, both political and professional, to have any firm statements about something being ‘wrong’, creates an environment where it is easier for children to be exploited,” Dr Bedford wrote.
  •  There were “systemic failings” and “unacceptable delays” in tackling the issue of CSE between 2005 and 2010, with a catalogue of organisational weaknesses preventing the true picture being seen.
  • Insufficient use was made of child protection processes, minutes of multi-agency meetings were poor, the recording of crimes was inconsistent and planning and information sharing was weak,
  • There was a window within which a number opportunities to recognise what was happening were lost, the report said.
  • “Some organisations and some staff should have acted with more sensitivity, rigour, imagination or indeed common sense,” wrote Dr Bedford. “And the collective agency work around safeguarding before 2011 should have been much stronger.”

The result?  The UK Prime Minister, unlike the President of the United States, has recognized that in his country children have suffered sex abuse on an “industrial scale.”

Read more:





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Je Suis Charlie: Fight Oppression by Those Who Seek to Silence the Press

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