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It Only Takes One Adult in Each Case to Thwart Sexual Abuse

It Only Takes One Adult in Each Case to Thwart Sexual Abuse…will that be you?   Each year thousands of children are abused by teachers, doctors, and parents….all this goes on while family and juvenile courts and child protection agencies … Continue reading

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Sign this Petition, Fight Pedophilia

Hear this mans story, then sign the petition to fight extradition of his mother — a former Judge in Lithuania who fled the to USA after taking on pedophilia in Lithuania: Here is the petition link here.

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The Majority of Juvenile Runaways in DC are From Foster Care

Foster care is generally a terrible system for raising a child.   It is no wonder then that the most of the girls who are reported to have gone missing and run away are foster children.    Specifically, Youth Service … Continue reading

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Happy Pi Day…3.14(159)!

A celebration of a most important (indefinite) number is today….without Pi, we would not be able to calculate the area of a circle given its radius…and more! Appreciate Pi today.

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Court papers allege child told Paterno of sex abuse in 1976

One of Penn State’s insurers has claimed “in 1976, a child allegedly reported to PSU’s Head CoachJoseph Paterno that he (the child) was sexually molested by Sandusky.” The order also cites separate references in 1987 and 1988 in which unnamed assistant … Continue reading

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Arlington Loses A Great Parent

Increasingly, we have come across stories of how parent’s lives were lost after a judge arbitrarily and/or corruptly has taken a child from a loving parent.     It is almost unimaginable the … Source: Arlington Loses A Great Parent

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Margaret Cho: Survived a childhood of rape and sexual abuse

In a recent interview with Danielle Bacher of Billboard magazine, Cho, 46, told the magazine that she was sexually molested by a family friend from age five to 12. “I had a very long-term relationship with this abuser, which is a … Continue reading

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