Pornography In Ex-Attorney General’s Office

Porn in the State Attorney General's Office in Pennsylvania

Porn in the State Attorney General’s Office in Pennsylvania

Former employees of the Pennsylvania State attorney general’s office sent or received interoffice emails containing pornography, including one man who sent more than three dozen and received more than 400.

Among the ex-employees identified by Attorney General Kathleen Kane’s office are two top state officials: Police Commissioner Frank Noonan and Christopher Abruzzo, the Environmental Protection secretary.  Mr. Noonan received 338 pornographic emails and sent none, and Mr. Abruzzo received 46 and sent eight, Ms. Kane’s office said. The man who sent more than three dozen emails and received 436 was identified as Randy Feathers, a former agent appointed to the Board of Probation and Parole

These are the folks who are supposed to prosecute sex offenders in Pennsylvania…

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