Go Justice! Go!


Dear All,
Again, thank you for the kind comments I have received in the past two days. The following one by a retired California judge particularly lifted my spirits as this nightmare of dealing with the corrupt California courts continues; and while I am forced to watch in horror as lives continue to be devastated all across the US from it.
“[redated] So after having time to reflect on your situation: You are correct. Your fight is on EVERYONE’s behalf…and for that, I sincerely thank you. I applaud your willingness to take one (or two or five! for that matter)  for the “team”.  Not everyone can say that they are willing to walk the walk..but you can. [redacted] Like you, I hope to never lose my belief that one person can make a difference. Godspeed to you Sharon on this worthy cause.”
This 3rd and final day of incarceration requires a little background to…

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