For the sake of the first amendment, support Sharon Kramer…


For Speaking The Truth In America Adverse To The Interests of the US Chamber of Commerce

The Court is not even pretending it is following the law.

In its simplest form,

A. the Court ORDERED ME to remove 5 truthful posts from the Internet or spend one day in jail for each post.  (One of the posts is not even mine and one does even exist.)

B. The Internet site owners submitted detailed DECLARATIONS BOTH stated they control their sites and the posts are not coming down.  They even invited the courts to post an explanation on their sites to those who are sick and can get no help directly because of what the courts have done to me.

C. By law, a person cannot be incarcerated in CA for Civil Contempt of Court if they cannot comply with the order.  Code of Civil Procedure CCP §1219(a) states. “The ‘coercive’ imprisonment…

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