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The theme of Katy’s Exposure Blog is “Exposing environmental health threats and those responsible”.  Sadly, among those largely responsible for unbridled environmental health threats who are not being held accountable, are courts of law all across America.

Corruption, ineptitude and abuses of power are rampant in the courts. This perverse situation is not just impacting those harmed by environmental exposures, it is harming every United States citizen and taxpayer. The problem is systemic.  It may be found in civil courts, family courts, criminal courts and every type of legal proceeding in America.

Meet Me in DC will be Standing Room Only - February 5-6, 2013PLEASE HELP US and affiliated organizations to stop this, by sending a message to Congress loud and clear on February 4th and 5th.  We want them to hold public hearings holding the compromised courts of America accountable for forsaking their oaths of office to uphold the law and federal & state Constitutions.

Please send one quick email…

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