With A Phone Call, Truckers Can Fight Sex Trafficking

That trucker on your tail may be the new hero in the war on sex trafficking.   Realizing that truckers get to know alot of what is going on, authorities are recruiting them to be their eyes and ears in the sex trafficking trade.

The scores of truckers carrying freight across America see and hear a lot on the road, so they’re in a position to notice when something at a rest stop doesn’t look right. That’s why people who fight sex trafficking of underage kids are enlisting drivers to help.

Kendis Paris, who runs the nonprofit group Truckers Against Trafficking, holds Wolfswinkel up as an example of someone who is “so representative of how many truckers out there who are really wanting to do the right thing, ready to go and just needing to know who to talk to about this.”

Paris said her anti-trafficking group is reaching out to drivers to tell them about red flags — noticing girls who look too young, for example. Then, she says, there’s “pimp control.”

“It’s that SUV that pulls onto the lot, and three or four girls all get out at the same time and they’re scantily clothed, and they begin to go from truck to truck to truck,” Paris said.

Paris hands out cards everywhere she goes. On them is a phone number for the National Human Trafficking Resource Center, a 24-hour hotline. The hotline is operated by the Polaris Project, a nonprofit group in Washington, D.C

Read more: Truckers Help Fight Sex Trafficking (npr.org)

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