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Lawless America Movie Road Trip Show with William M. Windsor - Monday October 1, 2012 from 10-midnight Eastern Time from La La LandWilliam M. Windsor is a man on a mission to stop government abuse of US citizens, particularly by the judicial branch of government.  He has recognized the danger of a growing societal wrong that is harming the people and he has set out to change it. Mr. Windsor is currently traveling the country filming and documenting people’s horror stories of how abusive courts have devastated their lives, many times simply because they questioned the morality or legality of the actions of those in authority. 
The documentary is titled Lawless America and the project seems to be going quite well. They are currently filming in Southern California. Today’s filming was in San Diego. It was the 110th day on the road for Mr. Windsor and his crew of the 172 days scheduled throughout the country. 
Today I witnessed people share their experiences at the hand of the notoriously compromised California judicial branch. They told of the failure of government agencies and elected officials to stop the courts’…

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