US Becoming More Tyrannical, Allowing US Citizens to be Detained without a Trial, Denying Their Constitutional Rights

In his last official act of business in 2011, President Barack Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act from his vacation rental in Kailua, Hawaii. In a statement, the president said he did so with reservations about key provisions in the law — including a controversial component that would allow the military to indefinitely detain terror suspects, including American citizens arrested in the United States, without charge.

The legislation has drawn severe criticism from civil liberties groups, many Democrats, along with Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul, who called it “a slip into tyranny.” Recently two retired four-star Marine generals called on the president to veto the bill in a New York Times op-ed, deeming it “misguided and unnecessary.”

Not only does the US remain the only country that denies childrens rights by not signing the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, now it is denying constitutional rights to adults

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