Cal Courts threaten Katy’s Bloggers with jail time for exposing by Net

The owner of Katy’s Exposure Blog reports that she received a threat mailed interstate from California via the US Postal Service in May of 2011, to stop publishing information of a public record case in California involving abusive judicial practices. (pdf links may take a few seconds to open) The case is Bruce J. Kelman & GlobalTox, Inc., v. Sharon Kramer, Case No. GIN044539, filed in May 2005 in the Superior Court of San Diego, California.

The threat came from a California licensed attorney is that if she publishes on Katy’s Exposure Blog about the California court case that is a matter of public record involving many leaders of California’s judicial branch and the US Chamber of Commerce’s environmental science in the courtroom, she will be sued for “republishing defamation”.

The threat is based on a temporary injuntive relief order (Gag Order) that the attorney obtained from the San Diego Superior Court on May 2, 2011. It precludes Sharon Kramer from being able to write of the prior case involving the US Chamber of Commerce that is a matter of public record. The case gagging Sharon from writing of what the courts have done is Kelman v. Kramer, Case No. 37-2010-00061530 -CU-DF-NC, filed November 10, 2011.

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