Judges Who Abuse Cannot Judge Abusers; It is more common than you think!

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In a 7-page filing, attorney David Sibley, paints what he calls a disturbing picture of Judge William Adams’ behavior on the bench from a case last year.

Sibley was representing a mother in a custody case, where the child was alleging abuse.

“Judge Adams created nonexistent law,” Sibley writes, “stating that children are ‘fantasizers’ and the statements of children amount to ‘no evidence’. The child’s statements were corroborated in several ways and were believable.”

He continues about the judge, “Specifically, he concealed the fact that a primary care giver was homicidal, suidical, hallucinatory, psychotic, heavily drugged, etc”

“The big picture is that Judge Adams corrupted the legal proceeding. He did this through fraudulent corrupt orders.”

Sibley says he filed this today after learning how long Judge Adams had employed his current attorney, William Dudley. Dudley was opposing counsel in the hearing a year ago. Sibley says he believes the judge should’ve recused himself from the case, because of his relationship with the attorney.

“A lawyer cannot stand up to these lawyers,” the filing continues, “yet these lawyers are allowed free immunity to slander, lie, defraud, abuse and even assault people.”

“The Order signed by Judge Adams that there was no evidence or no investigation is a bald face lie. He is a liar.”

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This video of a family court judge in Aransas, Texas — who has been known to refuse to recognize that child abuse exists — allegedly shows him abusing his own child.  See for yourself.

Read more about Judge William Adam.

Should the be impeached?  What do you think?

What about other family judges in Arlington Virginia? That irrational behavior and decisions of many of the family judges in America suggest that they too have dysfunctional private lives.

Should all family court judges undergo a regular psychological?

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