Questions About Arlington Failings to Ask Candidates Favola, Ebbin, Howell, Hynes, and Tejada in Arlington, Virginia

Del. Adam Ebbin (D-Virginia)

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Barbara Favola, Member of Arlington County Board in Virginia, is running for Virginia State Senate.    Adam Ebbin is running for the 30th District House Seat.  Janet Howell is running for the 32nd District House Seat.  Mary Hynes is running for Arlington County Board, as is J. Walter Tejada.  As you know, the Arlington’s family court is a disaster that the County Government, State Senate and General Assembly have allowed to harm children and mothers in Arlington.    The Arlington County Board is certainly aware of the problems with that Court and the Arlington County Child Protective Services (CPS or DHS).  If these candidate are going to be a good representatives, they need to be committed to “cleaning house” — including getting rid of the current Arlington Family Court judges, and reforming the Arlington Child Protective Services (DHS) — which is answers to the state-level Department of Human Services.

It is time to ask them how they are going to clean up this mess.  Contact Barbara A. Favola, Barbara Favola, Adam Ebbin,  Janet HowellMary Hynes and J. Walter Tejada. and find out.  If you don’t get the answer you want, get rid of them…for the sake of Arlington kids!

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