Will Obama “Stimulus” Plan Woo Overseas Shoppers Fail Because of US Failure to Protect Children’s Rights?

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Reports that Washington DC Federal Government is courting consumers from cash-rich countries such as ChinaIndia and Brazil to fill the nation’s shopping malls and pick up the slack for penny-pinching Americans. They are wooing travelers with enticements such as coupons, beauty pageants and promises of visa reform. The payoff, they say, could be significant: 1.3 million new jobs and an $859 billion shot in the arm for the economy over the next decade.

The problem with this is that the overseas shoppers better leave their children home — no matter how rich they are.  The problem is that the US remains the only country that has failed to ratify the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, leaving children vulnerable to unaccountable and corrupt local family courts in the US and their CPS (whose illegal child trafficking if funded by the US Federal Government under CAPTA), like that which occurs almost every day in Arlington County Virginia  — which has taken children away from good parents.

Advice to foreign visitors: leave your children home, the US — which has failed to sign the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child — is clearly anti-children.

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