Poem: A Girl Child Victim of Child Pornography

Her soul begged to refuse to pose
in the middle of amused, exploitative men ~

Her very strength broke down,
A prepubescent
Image’s abused~

Horrendous cries followed
From her young, innocent mouth;
Pleading for help~

A picture depicting hell.
She was blindfolded
When he penetrated her.

She cried her loudest cry;
A child’s cry but~

The world must be unfeeling
To be drawn to a child’s anguish,
To such brutal molestation.

Behind the cameras
Producers laughed~

The show stopped
So did her spirit.

The film was finished…
And all that was left~

Was a tape,
To satisfy the desires
Of the pedophiles

Another life lost,
Sexually victimized,

And she will never recover.

A Girl Child Victim of

   Child Pornography

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