Should Arlington Virginia Judge Wiggins Recuse Herself from Presiding over Michael Gardner’s Case?

Arlington/Falls Church Virginia are predominantly democratic enclaves, with the governments of both neighboring jurisdictions being controlled by the Democratic party.  Local legislators who recommend and approve the local judges are dominated by the Democratic Party.   Then why is local Judge Esther Wiggins, who answers to those powers, not recusing herself from the criminal case of Michael Gardner’s alleged sexual abuse of three children.    If Mr. Gardner’s connections to the Democratic Party requires that a prosecutor from Loudoun County be brought in, then shouldn’t it also require a Judge from outside of the local area as well?   Do you think Mr. Gardner will get more due process than the numerous children and mothers whose lives Judge Wiggins destroyed in the Arlington Family Court?

What do you think?   Just another example of the low standard of ethics in the Arlington/Falls Church family court at Federal taxpayer expense.

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Update (7/12/2011):  Judge Rules Gardner Case to Trial; Gardner Denied Contact to His Children: Initially closing the courtroom for 30 minutes, it was the victim’s families that had it reopened to provide the transparency that court proceedings require as a check on the justice system.   With the eyes of the media on her, Judge Wiggins, after hearing graphic testimony of the three children, decided to allow the case to go to trial in Arlington Circuit Court.‘s take on it.
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