Questions to Ask Barbara Favola, Who is Running for Virginia State Senate

Barbara Favola, Member of Arlington County Board in Virginia, is running for Virginia State Senate.  Arlington’s family court is a disaster that the State Senate and General Assembly have allowed to harm children and mothers in Arlington.    The Arlington County Board is certainly aware of the problems with that Court and the Arlington County Child Protective Services (CPS or DHS).   Thus, if Ms Favola is going to be a good State Senator, she needs to be committed to “cleaning house” — including getting rid of the current Arlington Family Court judges, and reforming the Arlington Child Protective Services (DHS) — which is answers to the state-level Department of Human Services.

So, ask Ms. Favola the following questions:

a) have you ever sat in the courtrooms of Judge Varoutsos and Judge Wiggins for a morning and witnessed the lack of due process in both courts?

b) what are you going to do to get rid of these judges and rid the court of corruption?

c) what are you going to do to clean up the Arlington County Child Protective Services (CPS) / DHS?

d) have you met with children who have lost their mother and mothers who have lost their children in Arlington County family court even when Virginia did not have jurisdiction over those children?  Does she plan on doing so before the election?

If Ms. Favola (or any other candidate) does not have specific answers for real improvement, then can they be a good state senator?  What do you think?

Submit your questions to her at her website:

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