Confronting Intrafamily Sexual Molestation for First Time: A View from Both Perspectives


Nightline Story on Abuse

Here is a great story that gives true insight into molestation of a child by father, how it occurs, and how each views it.

In a recent interview with “Nightline,” Tracy Ross, her mother Doris and her stepfather Donnie sat down in Nederton, Colo., for their first interview together to address finally the betrayal that nearly destroyed their family. Ross’s parents’ last names were requested to be withheld to protect their privacy.

Tracy Ross, the senior editor of Backpacker Magazine, wrote a book about her harrowing childhood called, “The Source of All Things: A Memoir,” released last month.

It also discusses how drugs were used to aid the abuse, specifically in this case sleeping pills.

View the interview and story.

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