Arlington Texas police encourage child sexual assault victims to report crimes; offer tips for parents

Arlington police encourage parents to begin a discussion now with their children about being touched inappropriately. Experts note that child molestations more frequently involve a trusted friend, relative or professional acquaintance, rather than a stranger.

Pedophiles groom,” Ashmead said. “Maybe they’re not in the position of being a youth leader, but their actions and that trust will prompt someone to suggest it because he or she seems to be so good with children. When that happens, the pedophile has just groomed the people to hand over their children.”

In two cases, Arlington detectives found that the suspects – James Roland Schultz and Terry Sasser – apparently gained the trust of their victims, the victim’s family members, and even their communities before molesting or sexually assaulting the children who had grown to trust them. Because of the way that the suspects operated, investigators are concerned that there could be additional victims who have not yet come forward. To bring awareness to the issue, Arlington police are putting the word out about the specific cases and partnering with social service experts to offer tips and resources for parents.

Investigators encourage victims or their parents to contact Arlington detectives at the Alliance for Children at (817) 795-9992.

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