A Federal Funded Drug Pusher, Seeking to Cover Up Foster Care Abuse?

Foster care abuse is prevalent, and, unfortunately, the Arlington County DHS and some of its GALs often turn a blind eye to it.  Rather than correct it, they try to keep the foster children from talking, and make them more compliant.  The Arlington DHS drug dealing includes a number of bahavior-controling drugs of choice — at federal taxpayer expense —  are many, and known to include Citalopram (used off-label to treat anxietypanic, disorder,  ADHD,  PMDD,  Body dysmorphic disorder and OCD; which can induce neutropenia), and Seroquel (sometimes used off-label, often as an augmentation agent, to treat conditions such as obsessive-compulsive disorderpost-traumatic stress disorderrestless legs syndromeautismalcoholismdepression,[9] Tourette syndrome,[10] and has been used by physicians as a sedative for those with sleep disorders or anxiety disorders; also with potential side effect of neutropenia).

Is this how you want your federal taxpayer dollars spent?   Write Congressman Issa and ask him to investigate further this federally funded drug pushing scheme.

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