Why Isn’t CFSA’s Roque Gerald Listed on DC’s Sex Offender Registry?

Sign, Wapello, Iowa. This was put up in reacti...

Not in DC?

A quick review of DC’s Sex Offender Registry (which is maintained by DC) shows it does not contain the name of Dr. Roque Gerald, DC Child and Family Services (CFSA)’s Interim Director?  Why should that be surprising, you ask?  Well, Dr. Roque Gerald had sex with an underaged patient of his when he was practicing in Virginia.  As documents show, he was brought up on charges for doing that.     Surprised now?  Well, those other 892 offenders who are listed on that the Sex Offender DC Registry (some for having sex with their patients), should be too.

Is DC so lacking in qualified persons that it cannot find someone with a clean record to run the very agency intended to protect children?  Unlikely.  So, the only other possible explanation this writer can think of is that DC keeps Roque Gerald in this position to “keep secrets” about the known improprieties of the DC CFSA and its overlooking abuse in selective cases, particularly predominantly white Ward 3.    What is Mayor Gray waiting for another Benita Jacks case?

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