Arlington DHS Ignores Rights of Mothers and Uses Unlicensed Psychologists

Arlington County, Virginia seal

Arlington Ignores Rights of Mothers and Children

An ALL source informs that the Arlington Virginia Department of Human Services (DHS/CPS) is waging a war on mothers of children whose children they snatch in error.  In their attempts to cover up their errors, the Arlington Virginia DHS employs “no name” psychologists who are unlicensed in Virginia and force mothers to give up their rights, such as HIPAA rights, in order to “frame” and “set up” mothers to justify having illegally confiscated their children, at the expense of Virginia and Federal taxpayers.

In at least one case, the DHS forced a poor mother in Arlington to travel to Oxon Hill Maryland to a Psychologist Jacqueline Jackson,  who held no license for Virginia.  Why did the DHS send this poor mother to an unlicensed (in Virginia) psychologist over 1 and 1/2 hours away (by mass transit)?   Was the DHS hoping that if it made the trip as difficult as possible the mother would not go?  Why was the DHS trying to circumvent the Virginia licensing scheme for psychologists?  Why would DHS choose this out of state psychologist?  Was there no Virginia licensed psychologist who was able to do a standarard psychological evaluation?

As for HIPAA rights, the DHS coerces mothers to sign away their HIPAA (federal patient privacy) rights in broadly worded “releases,” without the opportunity to consult with an attorney.    The DHS routinely uses this unlawful practice.  The broadly worded HIPAA “release” even states that the DHS is not responsible for unauthorized release of the mother’s medical information, and in some cases prohibits the mother from having a hard copy of her own medical records!   Then, rather than defend the rights of the parents, Judges of the JDR court — like the kangaroo courts of the Mao’s old Red China –endorse the stomping on these federal and state privacy rights.  These illegal, immoral, and socially oppressive practices are being done by the Arlington DHS at federal and virginia taxpayer expense.

As more DHS workers come forward to shed light on these illegal practices those who perpetuate these illegal activities will surely be prosecuted.    Although the DHS attempts to cover up their misdeeds by having the Arlington JDR Wiggins and Varoutsos “approve” their actions — research shows that provides the wrong doers little immunity.   Court cases awarding millions of dollars by mothers against such workers have succeeded.

It is just a matter of time, and ALL understands that the statute of limitations for minors who are offended does not begin to run until they become majority.

The irony of this is that Virginia’s Attorney General has been at the forefront of fighting the federal government for individual liberties, while Arlington DHS is at the forefront for stomping on the fights of individuals.   The Virginia Attorney General Kenneth T. Cuccinelli, II,  Congressman Issa, and Arlington voters would be wise to set their sights on Arlington DHS and fight for the rights of Virginia mothers and their children, and stop the waste of taxpayer funds.

More evidence that the US needs to join the rest of the world to uphold children’s rights by ratifying the 20 year old UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.   Every country in the world has ratified this international treaty, except for the United States.

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