Congressman James Moran Should Bag The Arlington Family Court on the Hill; Forget the Tax

Rep. James Moran's (D-VA 8th)Congressional Por...

James Moran: Standup to Family Court Corruption?

NBC4 reports that  “Arlington‘s new attempt to create a tax on grocery bags could affect retailers across the country.  Virginia Congressman Jim Moran is expected to introduce legislation onEarth Day, April 22, to create a national five-cent tax on both paper and plastic bags, according to The Washington Examiner.”

James Moran should put the corruption in the Arlington Family Court and Department of Human Services on the national stage first, and hold hearings about the waste, fraud, and abuse — and the denial of due process rights to good single mothers, and taking their kids away, in that courthouse at taxpayers expense.

The proposal comes after Arlington lost support for the bag tax inVirginia’s General Assembly.

Moran tried to introduce a similar measure last year, but it failed

How would you like the Arlington DHS and Family Court to illegally take  your child? Paper or Plastic?

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