DC’s Councilmember Jim Graham Holds Hearing on CFSA: Serious Problems with CFSA’s Roque Gerald Identified

Today, the Washington DC Council held an oversight hearing on CFSA under it Interim Director, Dr. Roque Gerald.   Numerous witnesses identified continuing serious problems with the agency.  One witness, Erika Laws, went into detail about how CFSA mishandled on 20 year old, placing him into foster care, and imprisoned him in an abusive foster family.    Ms. Laws called for the removal of CFSA’s Roque Gerald, citing not only her testimony, but those of her other panel members citing inadequate investigations of abuse and improper placement of children in foster care.   One of the reasons Roque Gerald’s CFSA is able to perpetuate its failures is lack of transparency, and the DC government under former Mayor Fenty that helped cover up its failures.

Here are some astounding stats Jason Cherkis at the City Desk of the DC City Paper picked up from the hearing:

*10,000 D.C. children do not live with their biological parents.
*CFSA made a more than 30 percent cut to their private service providers. These providers manage group homes and independent-living facilities, as well as provide fostercare services.
*Family court judges have seen an uptick in more serious abuse cases. CFSA has seen an uptick in underage prostitution cases.
*In 2010, there were 6,320 abuse and neglect investigations done by CFSA.
*CFSA oversees 4,054 children—49 percent live in places like group homes and residential treatment facilities.

Incompetence perpetuated.  Federal funds misspent.

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