Washington Examiner: Children Fall Through the Cracks in Washington DC’s Ward 3

The flag of Washington, D.C.

Children Abandoned by DC Goverment

Read about the continuing problems for Washington DC in taking care of its kids in the Washington DC Examiner. In this case, the child is going to DC public schools, and suffers from Severe Chronic Neutropenia, a condition of very low immunity where normal signs of infection are often not present.  The child is so ill, she is one of the few persons in the world listed on the Severe Chronic Neutropenia International Registry (SCNIR).  But, the city does nothing to get her an independent medical examination to determine the underlying problem, and fails to require she take medication to boost her immunity to reduce the risk of deadly infection.

Another reason for it being time for CFSA’s Dr. Roque Gerald to step down and out.

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Neutrophils: Defenders from Infection from Audrey Anna Bolyard on Vimeo.

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