When the government doesn’t help, but harms children


(Source: Aljazeera)

On the afternoon after Peng Gaofeng brought his son, abducted and missing for over two years, back home to his family, Mr. Peng received a visit from the police.  The entourage of Shenzhen Public Security officers strode in to Mr. Peng’s dingy Internet cafe with a couple of fruit and gift baskets, tied up in big red bows.

They were there to congratulate Mr. Peng on his one-in-a-billion achievement, what none of them thought he could possibly ever do – find his lost son, Peng Wenle.

The visit was remarkable because Peng Gaofeng found his son not with the assistance of police – but despite them.

Over the past two years, police have threatened Mr. Peng and have demanded he stop speaking to journalists.  It’s unclear why, but one possibility was that Mr. Peng’s very public hunt for his son reflected poorly on the city’s safety record.

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