Man accused of having eight children with step-daughter

A man is to appear in a German court on sexual assault and child abuse charges
next week after being accused of conceiving eight children with his
A spokesman for the court in Koblenz confirmed that the man would appear before
a judge on Tuesday. He has been in custody on remand since August 2010.
The paper also said that DNA tests had proved the man had fathered seven
children with his step-daughter. Another child had died and was not tested.
He stands accused of serially abusing his step-son, his step-daughter and his
biological daughters between 1987 and 2010. He is also said to have taken both
his step-daughter and one of his biological daughters to two other men, who
carried out sexual acts with them.
The spokesman declined to say what age the children were when the abuse was said
to have taken place.
The mother of the children has been called as a witness. Police do not suspect
her of being an accomplice.
The paper quotes a neighbour saying, “We often wondered about the number of
children in his house.” But the town mayor commented, “The family did not
particularly attract attention.”
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