Parents From Around the World Gather in New York to Discuss Problems of Family Courts

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January 8-9, 2011: On this cold winter day, with snow on the ground, parents have come from around the world to attend a summit to discuss the problems of the US Family Courts, and what can be done to fix these problems.  The participants relayed case after case where family courts either failed to recognize abuse and neglect, or the recognized the abuse but cut off contact with the other non-abusing parents.

The heroic case of Holly Collins was discussed extensively, where the Netherlands gave her political asylym in order to protect her and her children for 14 years.  Holly and her son Zack personally relayed the failures of the US system.    Also shown was a trailer for an upcoming feature length film on the subject

Also discussed was the case of Elsa Neuman, who is now in Maryland prison, for a crime she did not commit, but the Montgomery County in Maryland did not prosecute the child’s father for sexually abusing her children.

Barry Goldstein, Joan Zorza, and Nancy Erickson, all discussed the excellent treatise “Domestic Violence, Child Custody, and Abuse: Legal Practices and Policy Issues”

Dr. Joy Silberg spoke about some Judges who did “do the right thing,” and were willing to make judgments based on the facts.

Wendy Murphy spoke about a successful use of the American’s for Disabilities Act to get an error corrected in a criminal case, where a rape victim had a handicap and was unfairly disqualified to testify even though she was able to communicate.

It was also pointed out that under the ADAA you cannot be denied custody for mental health reasons, such as PTSD.

In another panel Karen Huffer, Renee Becker, Wendy Murphy, and Robin Yeamans, were on a panel entitled: Groundbreakers Present A New Trajectory: Managing Family Court Cases.  One tip was to use the form of the ADA administrator of the court to get accommodations for PTSD.

Noted attorney, Tody Kleinman reviewed the need to establish that children have equal rights under the law, and not “separate but equal.”  She also suggested sharing successful briefs, cross examinations, etc.    She also cited the American Professional Society on Abuse of Children (APSAC) guidelines.

Another speaker, Michael Lesher, provided an interesting talk about the misguided nature of many CPS agencies, and how they often harrass mothers and creative fictional bases for taking children away from mothers.

Other speakers included Kathleen Russell (Center for Judicial Excellence), Nancy Carroll (, Claudine Dombrowski (Protective Mothers Association) Lorraine Tipton ( and others.

All in all the conference, organized relentlessly of Mo Hannah, produced productive outcomes and reinvigorated participants who seek to correct the ills with the family court and CPS systems throughout the US.  Go forward….

Also viewed was the Shield’s Goldfinger video.

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