Global Parent Pedophile Ring Unearthed — Washington DC Is Next

Georgetown University Hospital building, ca. 1910s

Georgetown University Hospital and Pedophilia?

January 21, 2010 (Update): Evidence has been discovered that a similar pedophile ring that has implicated a location on or around the 4800 Block of Reservoir Road, Georgetown, Washington DC, with the involvement of some current and/or former Georgetown University Hospital/ Medstar physicians.   Details to follow after the indictments.

December 31, 2010 :An Australian investigation has unearthed an international network of pedophile parents who abuse their own children and share images of the assaults.

Investigative leads in Australia were sent to authorities in the US and Britain, which unearthed a network of parents who abused their own children and shared images of the assaults via the internet.

“All children have an absolute right to grow up free from the fear of sexual abuse and exploitation, and especially from those they trust,” Brian Moskowitz, a special agent with America’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, said after two US arrests.

“You will be caught.”

Read More at: Australian-US Pedophile Ring

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