Arlington County Virginia Remains the Bermuda Triangle of Parenthood and Snatched Children

Arlington County, Virginia seal

Arlington County: Very Bad for Kids and Their Mothers

The Gas Chambers of Arlington Virginia: Arlington County Virginia‘s family courts are conducting a war on mothers and fathers at taxpayer expense, with state and federal funds.  Reported recently are extensive violations of jurisdictional and due process rights of mothers and their children, in illegal efforts by the local court to take children away from their natural parents without valid reasons.   The DC Examiner reports numerous cases of child snatching by the Arlington County’s family court and CPS, where they are illegally taking jurisdiction involving cases where there is clearly was no jurisdiction. It appears that Arlington County, Virginia has become a Mecca of socialist policies administered through court and CPS corruption, where the local family court and social services view themselves as the tax-payer funded social engineers of the Washington DC metropolitan area (Washington DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia) that is above the law — taking jurisdiction of cases of children from Maryland and Washington DC, stepping over the constitutional rights of individuals, and then taking those children away from their parents. Not only is illegal jurisdiction taken, the Arlington County social services misuses the federal financial resources of others states by claiming that the parents were residents of those states — to the contrary of their bases for claiming jurisdiction. This illegal child trafficking and misuse of federal funds should stop immediately, and those who have pursued and aided it, including the aberrant family court judges in Virginia (Judge Wiggins and Judge Varoutsos), GALs, and social workers who have co-conspired in these illegal activities, should be thoroughly investigated and held accountable for their improper and illegal behavior.   Arlington Department of Child and Family Services is under the supervision and direction of Tabitha Kelly, who is, therefore, responsible for the problems and failures of the social workers in Arlington County, and the corrupt child trafficking through its foster care system.

Judge Wiggin’s, who was just reappointed another six year term despite a horrific record of child snatching from Arlington parents, attempted to destroy the life of Ariana-Leilani King-Pfeiffer by vindictively entering an illegal order seeking to denying this child the right to see and be with her mother, Dr. Ariel Rosita King. Look at the life this anti-family and anti-mother Judge sought to destroy:

Other kids and mothers affected by the fascist tactics of Arlington County Virginia were Delores O’Brien (daughter: Ashlie), Tiffany Johnson (daughter: Talayah Johnson), Naomi Parrish and Nancy Hey (Sabrina). Arlington County is truly the “gas chambers” of motherhood, operated by the Courts and administered by the CPS and GALs — all at federal taxpayer expense through CAPTA. If you have kids and you want to keep them, stay out of Arlington County — or else you are likely to lose them in this anti-mother jurisdiction. The Committee of Courts of Justice Justice in Richmond (Co-Chaired by Delegate Dave Albo) Arlington County Bar have thus far failed to take action to have these judges removed — which can only mean that they condone or are complicit in the unlawful activities of these judges.

Given the success in other jurisdictions of suits against CPS and Judges, damages should be sought in “1983” actions against these individuals acting under color of law to infringe on their constitutional and federal rights.

Update: Due Process Continues to Be Denied on a Regular Basis in the Arlington Family Courts

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