Legal Stoning of American Women In US State Family Courts Promoting Child Abuse

Civil Rights Act of 1964

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The American press and the world have been appalled at the sentences for stoning of women in some religious Muslim areas of the middle east.   However, where is the moral and press (e.g. ABC, NBC, CBS, New York Times, CNN, FOX, Washington POST) outrage in the US for the legal equivalent condemnation of mothers of children in America?

As many as 58,000 times per year US family courts are systematically taking children away from mothers (and fathers, grandparents) as punishment for raising the issue of abuse by the child’s the other parent.  They are immediately condemned for having raised concerns about abuse by the other parent, and “punished” with a sentence of losing their children and being prohibited from contact with their children.  Anyone who is familiar with human behavior knows that taking a child away from a mother is as close as you can come to murdering that mother without a physical weapon.  Not only is it traumatic and mentally destructive for the mother, it is traumatic for the children.   Many lawyers who represent abusers know this, and take advantage of the family court’s willingness to inflict this punishment to carry out the abuser’s strategy of punishing the mother for both leaving the abuser and exposing the abuser’s abuse.   Abusive parents in America– have their own “jihad” (holy war) on the other parents who expose their abuse.  They know that in family courts parents who raise abuse are rarely believed — even when there is clear evidence to the contrary.

Where are the controlled scientific studies that support this primitive, barbarian, and brutal practice in the state family courts of American?  Where are the “sentencing guidelines,” that allow these sentences to be handed out?  Where is it found that they are consistent with the US Constitution, and international treaties?   Where are the Federal courts and the US Supreme Court — who have, to date, avoided these issues every time they appear in a Complaint or Petition for Cert?  Where is the ACLU in addressing this epidemic civil rights issue?

The reason this barbarian practice continues to exist in many state family courts in the US is because these courts are state courts and the topic has traditionally been considered “off limits” for federal court involvement.  The Jim Crow laws, segregation, and other immoral practices were also carried out decades ago under the guise of states rights, but they were ultimately ruled either unconstitutional or outlawed by Congress.    At the time those laws were in effect, states — particularly like those backwards states of Virginia — did not police themselves then, and they — like those in Virginia — are not policing their own legal system now.  The “federalist” view that competition between the states does not take care of these type of problems, because states tend to honor the decisions of other states, even if those decisions could not have been made in their own state.

It is time for the US Congress and the international community to ban the legal stoning of American mothers in US family courts.  A corrective federal law needs to be enacted (like the Civil Rights Act of 1964,) and the US Convention on the Rights of the Child on the rights of the child needs to be enacted.    A recent Safe Child Coalition march on Washington DC highlighted the need for US action, like that of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Its time to stop the immoral “stoning of american women” by family courts. If not now, then when.  The US cannot hold any moral high ground until this immoral, barbarian, and abusive practice ends.

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